Formitize Reveals New Vehicle Check App for Auto Mechanics

Formitize Reveals New Vehicle Check App for Auto Mechanics

Published on: 18-02-2015 | by Misty in Vehicle Check App, Vehicle Inspection Software, Vehicle Checklist Form, Vehicle Check, iPad App for Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Check, paperless, mobile forms, digital forms, smart forms, enterprise mobility

SYDNEY, Australia February 2015 – Auto mechanic shops can now look forward to the improvements in efficiency that other industries have so far enjoyed. Formitize unveils its latest industry app – Vehicle Check App, intended specifically for businesses that engage in servicing vehicles and making sure they are compliant with safety standards.

A New Way of Keeping Records

Keeping track of successful service jobs is an important component of maintaining an auto mechanic shop. However, it has become quite difficult and expensive because of the need to maintain paperwork. Any successful businessman can attest to that, as they have hundreds of paperwork stacked in safety boxes and cabinets to represent their track record. Today, Formitize revolutionizes record keeping as it launches Vehicle Inspection Software designed to make vehicle maintenance businesses 100% paperless.

Specific Capabilities of the App

These are some of the possibilities that the app can open up for the entrepreneur:

1. Digitalized inspection checklists
Vehicle maintenance experts and vehicle inspection checklists are inseparable. The checklist is essential as it contains the benchmarks against which the condition of any vehicle is compared. Instead of carrying a paper clipboard, these people instead will use mobile forms. The template forVehicle Checklist Form can now be converted to digital forms that can be accessed easily with a mobile device.

2. Seamless submission of information and archiving
Now, owners of auto mechanic shops don’t need any more to maintain expensive and non-secure paper records. After the conclusion of a successful Vehicle Check, the checklist is then submitted to the Cloud, into the Management Portal, and archived in the Resources E-Library. At the same time, the information can also be easily exported into formats supported by more than three hundred brands of business software products.

3. Quick generation of financial statements with Xero
Xero is one of the best software to use for generating financial statements like invoices, purchase orders and inventory reports. The app is capable of a two-way integration with this product. Xero will work as the backend or the database for the iPad App for Vehicle Maintenance, while the In Form features of the app’s smart forms will simply pull up the information needed and fill the fields in the form in order to quickly generate the statements for reporting and for billing the clients, among others.

4. Secure storage for information and documents
The app makes sure that all the information and the documents that it hosts are secure and safe from data theft. There are three levels of security access rights that can be granted to the app’s users. With these access rights, administrators can restrict access to the very sensitive client information in order to prevent unauthorized users from securing a copy for their own purposes.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Vehicle Check makes paperwork paperless and more. With the app in place, auto mechanic shop owners can expect their enterprises to become more efficient and more reliable, thanks to the enterprise mobility and the security that the software provides.”

Discover how Vehicle Check App can revolutionize the vehicle maintenance industry. Take the tour today!

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