How Mechanic App Helped to Skyrocket Chris’ Firm to Success

How Mechanic App Helped to Skyrocket Chris’ Firm to Success

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A startup mobile mechanic company will, naturally, experience problems at the onset of their operations. However, investing in solutions such as Mechanic App can definitely ease off some of that burden for the entrepreneur. Here is a success story that should be taken into consideration when deciding on whether or not to invest in this remarkably helpful mobile application.

Chris’ Exodus into Starting a Business

Chris started off as a mechanic in a shop. He noticed that most people in his area who encounter problems with their automobiles are unable to access mechanic assistance immediately because there was a lack of a mobile response in his locale. With that spark, he approached some of his friends who are willing to invest on his business to give him a loan that was enough to get him started with a single team of five mechanics, five drivers, and five automobiles. Chris left his work and started working off his own garage.

Chris had measured the demand correctly, and soon he and his single team found themselves swamped with calls of customers in distress. Chris knew that he, as the one person managing the business, would need to invest in a solution that will make management streamlined for him and his employees. It would also mean expanding his workforce but, fortunately, he had nearly paid off his loan to his investors and had a steady cash flow already to allow him to make that investment on his own.

That was when he encountered the Mechanic Apps.

Skepticism Turned to Amazement

Chris was initially skeptical of the system as he admittedly was not well-versed in information technology. “I was more oriented with nuts and bolts than with mobile forms or Cloud computing,” he recalls. “Of course, the guys over at their website have been helpful enough in helping me understand, making me appreciate the potential benefits effectively to be able to make the decision.”

Along with the Mechanics App, Chris invested in two management staff, two personal computers, a business telephone line, and high-speed Internet connection, five additional mechanics, and ten mobile devices. With the help of the app’s providers, he worked at getting the system formulated, the paperwork transformed into digital forms, training his small team, and getting the system running. The results that the App for Mechanics he had invested in would leave Chris in awe.

“It was like watching those futuristic sci-fi movies,” he says. “Everything I need is right in front of me, and I have a high-tech mobile workforce that no longer needs to carry out huge amounts of paperwork. When someone calls in a new job, we simply just have to identify who’s nearby and can respond to the emergency, and then we send the assignment to them through the smart forms.”

Chris also adds that he incurred savings in his expenses, thus allowing him to realize more profits that he plans to spend on another expansion soon. “Management isn’t such a headache,” he relates. “We will know if someone is intentionally slacking off somewhere, and give them more work. More bang for the buck!” Chris adds with a laugh.

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