How Mobile Mechanics App Can Help You Keep up with Customers Demands

How Mobile Mechanics App Can Help You Keep up with Customers Demands

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Mobile mechanics are the answer to the needs of every motorist in distress. With these professionals in play, drivers won’t need to call a towing service to bring their broken-down automobile to their mechanics and pay an exorbitant fee for that service. Mobile mechanics themselves will come to their aid, and all they just need to do is call!

Once this trend picks up, entrepreneurs who are managing mobile mechanic services will certainly find themselves working hard to catch up with the demand… unless, of course, they invest in Mobile Mechanics App.

Summarizing the Capabilities of the App

The Mechanics App, first and foremost, is a digital and mobile solution that is intended to take over the business’ paperwork and telecommunications reporting processes. There is no need to make calls back to the office unless it is necessary for a company’s team of mobile mechanics to do so. Everything they need to do to report back can be done using the paperless forms found in the app’s system.

Full Features of the Application

That, of course, is only the basic application of the software. There are many more stuffs that one can do with the App for Mechanic, especially with its Management Portal, and that would include the following:

  1. Seamless job dispatching
    Mobile mechanics are trained to respond to emergencies, and it is only natural that the job dispatcher back at home will encounter last minute calls for assistance. How will they know who’s nearby and who they can give the task to? With the Mechanic App, all they need to do is look at the Management Portal to find out the status of each team in their mobile workforce, and dispatch jobs easily.

  2. Comprehensive reporting
    Paperwork can sometimes result to omission on the part of the mobile mechanics in the field. However, with the App for Mechanic installed on their mobile phones, entrepreneurs can assure themselves of fully compliant, complete, and comprehensive reports. Such information can be accessed through the Management Portal when they are submitted – this means that management staff now has the capability to review mobile forms upon submission and request additional information, when necessary.

  3. Effective remote monitoring
    This is every entrepreneur’s dream, and one made true by the App for Mechanics. The Management Portal has everything administrators need to effectively monitor the entire workforce remotely. Now, each member of the admin staff will simply have to look at the Map in the Management Portal, click on each Pin that represents each team, and be able to access the statistics and other important information needed to ascertain the status of each member of any mobile workforce.

For more information, simply visit Mobile Mechanics and take on the virtual tour to learn more about the numerous benefits that a mobile mechanic business can enjoy from Mobile Mechanics App. Take our tour today!

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