Three Scenarios That Illustrate the Necessity of Apps for Mechanic

Three Scenarios That Illustrate the Necessity of Apps for Mechanic

Published on: 26-11-2014 | by Misty in app for mechanics, Apps for Mechanic, digital forms, enterprise mobility, free mechanics software, mobile forms, mobile mechanics app, Mobile Mechanics, mobile workforce, paperless

Business planning, they say, is similar to planning for a war. In the military, they use formulated theories built up from historical precedents to train their neophytes in the art of war – how to use their resources to the maximum, to overcome their limitations or work around it, and what tools they can use. In business, particularly for a mobile mechanic company, it is important for proprietors to learn how tools like Apps for Mechanic can help them overcome their limitations and maximize their limited resources.

The Scenarios

In order to understand the benefits of the Mobile Mechanics App, we can emulate the military example by drafting up theoretical scenarios. Just like the military model, these scenarios are also based on actual examples that other mobile mechanic companies have encountered in their daily operations.

Scenario 1
The first scenario centers on how management is handling the influx of calls from frantic customers who want to get the problem fixed and be on the road again. In this case, they make calls back and forth – from teams to find out who is in the immediate area and can respond to the situation at hand, then back to the customer. This is stressful for both the customer service agents and the customers themselves, but implementing the enterprise mobility afforded by the app will streamline the process. With the Management Portal, the customer service agents can simply look at the map to identify available teams and assign the digital forms that double as tasks to the team’s username to get them on the way.

Scenario 2
The second scenario deals with the reporting from the field teams to the management. The traditional way to facilitate reporting is to have the teams draft up paperwork, which unfortunately is messy and not timely. By using this Free Mechanics Software, however, your mobile teams can receive the mobile forms, fill them up, and submit them as a paperless report. This makes reporting instantaneous and timely, and not to mention, at least 50% faster than the usual. They can even schedule the submission of reports to coincide with the deadlines.

Scenario 3
The final scenario is related to productivity. With a huge number of your mobile workforce deployed, how can management identify which team is productive or is intentionally slacking off? Again, the Management Portal of the App for Mechanics will help management identify that – the time between two reports will identify the amount of time needed to complete a task. You can then request a report that can help identify lack of productivity, in most cases.

Like a Good General…

Like a good general in the field, the entrepreneur will also need to identify which tools and resources will help his team of mobile mechanics perform better in the field. Apps for Mechanic will definitely give the company a good boost in productivity and management.

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