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Safety, Efficiency & Real-time Reporting

Mining & Quarrying businesses are all about safety, efficiency and managing workflows as efficiently as possible, minimizing paperwork and duplication wherever possible. Clients are becoming more demanding both in terms of the detail and level of information they require and the turnaround time they expect. The market is competitive and so a paperless automated solution that is capable of delivering customized, instant reporting is a game changer for any mining or quarrying based business. Smart, mobile technology with intuitive database integration can revolutionize the sector and provide a speed of process that just hasn’t been possible before.

Safety Adds to Management Paperwork Issues

Health and Workplace Safety has also become a major factor for the mining industry and this has led to even more paperwork juggling and management time. Simple, easy to use, paperless systems need to be implemented to ensure compliance for a safe working environment.

Effective Asset Management Needs Visibility of Time & Costs

In a competitive industry, speed of service and the efficiency of the team in the field becomes a key component to profitability. Visibility of time and costs is critical - everyone needs to be accountable and systems need to put in place that save management time, provide real-time reporting and get rid of duplication and the paper chasing.

A Mining Industry System has to:
Be really simple for everyone to use
Work in all environments - with and without connection
Be mobile - the team are mobile, the system has to be too
Time, Date, Location and Job focussed
Be flexible - every job can be different
Be cost effective - the system needs to deliver

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Mining Safety Forms & Management System

Paperless Mining Safety Forms and Reports instantly accessible with or without internet access - all backed-up with real-time reporting including:

Solutions include:
Job Safety Analysis
Incident Reports
Near Miss Reports
Vehicle Inspections
Time Sheets
Site Audits
Risk Assessments
Log Books
Hot Work Permits
Confined Space Permits
Height Safety
Vehicle Maintenance
Safety Inductions
Toolbox Talks
Material Safety Data Sheets
Safe Work Method Statements
Site Diary
And more
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